Cynthia Yee


    Cynthia Yee

    My connection to Chinatown began at an early age, growing up in a Taoist temple my mother founded in the heart of San Francisco Chinatown. At 17, I began dancing with Dorothy Toy's legendary all Asian dance group performing in Chinatown's Sky Room and The Forbidden City, the most famous San Francisco supper clubs of the 1960's.


    My entertainment background combined with a deep love and understanding of Chinatown inspired me to launch a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors and serve in community leadership roles focused on creating more awareness and appreciation of the Chinese culture and SF Chinatown.

    Some highlights include:

    • San Francisco Chinatown Ghost Tours: Award-winning walking tours I've run for almost thirty years
    • Chinatown Magic: A performance and event company connecting all things Chinatown with the corporate community
    • Grant Avenue Follies: An entertainment and dance company comprised of former Sky Room and Forbidden City dancers inspiring young and old around the world
    • Consultant and coordinator for numerous Hollywood film projects including Nash Bridges, The Rock with Sean Connery, Ali Wong's Be My Maybe, The Fan with Robert DeNiro, Jade, Perfect Storm and many more.
    • I have also served as past president of the Chinese Hospital Auxiliary, Chinatown Opti-Ms, Friends of On Lok, and Linking Rings Performing Arts.
    • In 2005, I was selected a Jefferson Award winner for my work inspiring and activating volunteerism and public service in communities, workplaces and schools across America

    You might be thinking, "Wow, do you ever think about retiring?" I'll acknowledge there's a bit of water under the bridge but I'm not stopping -- I still dance, create, and produce events because I love it! This latest reboot of Chinatown Magic and collaboration with Marc Pomerleau reflects my desire to adapt to new conditions and the changing times all in service of sharing the beauty and wonder that is San Francisco Chinatown, past, present, and future.