Chinatown Magic Custom Tours

Customized tours of SF Chinatown as you want to see it

  • The magic of Chinatown can only be experienced by immersing yourself in the hidden histories, enchanting sites, unique architecture and the people of San Francisco Chinatown.


    Now you can create a custom tour of one of San Francisco's most enigmatic neighborhoods. Open the doors of your perception by experiencing Chinatown in your own unique way, seeking out your own stories, finding the hidden sights and meeting the interesting people who populate American's oldest and most historic Chinatown.


    Fill out and submit your info in the form below and we will be glad to consult with you to explore what’s possible. From a behind-the-scenes food tour, Chinese traditional medicine, calligraphy and mahjong lessons, the sky’s the limit in what we can customize for you and your group.


    Fill out the form below with your questions, and let's talk! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Chinatown Magic Custom Tours

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