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    January 2020

    Really worthwhile and informative! And this is coming from a local. I learned so many things that I never knew despite growing up here. You won’t regret taking this tour!


    February 2020

    This was sick. Marc guided us through Chinatown in a way that you’re just not going to get anywhere else. This felt like the real history of the neighborhood. I felt like I got a tremendous value, and I would highly recommend this to anyone.



    November 2019

    I decided to book Marc’s experience after I had read the overwhelmingly positive reviews, including one guest who describes this experience as “10x better than any Netflix documentary.” I can see why. Marc’s experience is less a walking tour than a cinematic experience that you walk through. I don’t really know how else to describe this – it’s one of the best experiences on Airbnb that I’ve taken. Additionally, the value is just incredible. I highly recommend this experience.



    February 2020

    Marc shared eloquently fascinating stories about San Francisco’s China Town which are not part of the formal narrative of the city. He is a great storyteller and knew his stuff extremely well. The two hours went by super quickly without a dull moment and unraveled a whole “new world”, exposing a culture one wouldn’t expect. The walk is easy and covers a small area. Our view of San Francisco and China Town will never be the same again!



    February 2020

    Amazing experience, Marc is incredible and very detailed in his stories. He has a great way of telling stories and presenting them in a fun way. Highly recommend this, you will leave feeling like it was fun and like you learned something!



    January 2020

    Wow. I’ve lived in the Bay Area my entire life, and in San Francisco for almost 20 years, and I never thought I could learn so much new content in such a unique way about my hometown! Marc not only has an in-depth knowledge of Chinatown and San Francisco’s early history, he also presents the tour from a wholly different angle than other commercial history tours, regaling guests with stories of the enterprising marginalized immigrant communities and the gritty realities of prostitution, gambling and violence in our beloved Gold Rush town. An incredible tour for locals and visitors alike – DO NOT miss it!



    December 2019

    This tour was incredible. Not muted, selective lessons in history but a raw, honest account of humanity and the cultures that blossomed in San Francisco following the gold rush. We walked the same alleys where the stories were set, 100-150 years later, and visited the past embodied in the art, the architecture, the people, and the economy of Chinatown. It was a trip; 10/10. Everyone deserves this awesome experience. Thank you, Marc!



    December 2019

    Marc’s tour was better than anything I’ve done in San Francisco. Have lived almost my entire life in the Bay Area, but this tour completely changed my perspective on the city. If you are interested in great story telling and world building, Marc’s tour is a must do.



    January 2020

    this was exceptional! I learned so much and Marc’s insights and knowledge really opened my eyes to Chinatown in a new way. Anyone – local or traveler – should do this.



    December 2019

    This was such a cool experience and great way to better understand the history of Chinatown and San Francisco. I’ve lived here many years and this taught us so much! 

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