Haunted SF Chinatown Tour

Tales of ghosts and haunted places in Chinatown

Haunted Chinatown
  • What you'll do

    You'll discover the fascinating ghost stories of San Francisco Chinatown, explore the actual, bizarre, chilling, and sometimes brutal events that brought these stories into being, and connect it all to the historical and cultural context of Chinese supernatural folklore going back thousands of years.


    This 90-minute walking tour will entertain and delight while bringing historical events and the zeitgeist of the day to life. Believers and skeptics alike will gain insight into Chinese attitudes about the supernatural, see Chinatown alleyways with new eyes, and leave wondering about what really lies beyond the so-called real world.


    We'll start our tour outside St. Mary's Church on the corner of Grant and California St. and talk for a few minutes before heading into the heart of Chinatown. We'll cover about one mile so wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to tackle a couple hills. Total tour time is 90 minutes.


    WARNING: The Haunted Chinatown tour includes shocking stories of murder, violence, suicide, and human trafficking and may not be suitable for children or sensitive adults.


    Our commitment to safety

    We are committed to your safety and practice CDC-recommended COVID-19 safety protocals including:

    • limiting group size to a maximum of 10 people
    • adhering to social distancing guidelines
    • ensuring that all participants wear a mask
    • When possible, we encourage you to organize and book a private tour with people you know

    Note: DO NOT book this tour if you are unwilling or unable to wear a mask. Failure to comply with our safety guidelines will result in you and your party being asked to leave.

    Where we'll meet

    Old St. Mary's Cathedral,
    660 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108

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  • Tales of ghosts and haunted places abound in Chinatown, more than any other area in San Francisco. Discover the origins and nuances of Chinese beliefs surrounding the supernatural and the often horrifying stories throughout Chinatown's history that cause hungry ghosts and restless spirits to haunt its alley ways.